Denise Joy

City Council
Title: Council Member - Ward 3
Phone: 406-647-0337
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PO Box 31192
Billings MT  59107

Term:  First
Ending:  12/31/2021

I was born in Billings and grew up in Hardin. My mother a homemaker and father a police officer, I learned to work hard. My grandparents lived on the Southside and I spent time appreciating and enjoying Billings. I respect others with humility and try to find our common values. Diversity and respect for others values is a part of a multicultural upbringing I experienced in Hardin. I graduated with a BA in Political Science from Cleveland State University. I studied at Mississippi State University in Public Administration and Policy for two years. Working in Special Education for School District #2, I encourage acceptance of differences and value all of our contributions to community.


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