Who can use the landfill?
Residents of Carbon, Stillwater, Musselshell, Treasure, Yellowstone counties and the City of Pryor can all use the landfill. We do take out of state waste from parts of Wyoming. For more information please call 247-8633

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1. What are the tonnage fees?
2. Does it cost to use the landfill?
3. What are the landfill hours?
4. How do I get to the landfill?
5. Who can use the landfill?
6. What can I bring to the landfill?
7. Does it cost to use the landfill?
8. Where can I take used motor oil, antifreeze, batteries, computers and other hazardous waste?
9. When is your hazardous waste day?
10. How do I deal with asbestos and can I bring it to the landfill?
11. Do you take refrigerators at the landfill?
12. Can I set up an account at the landfill?
13. What do I do if my CFL light breaks