City Annexation Committee Sets Schedule and Deadline for Annual Limits of Annexation Map Amendments

The City Annexation Committee is preparing for its annual review of the City’s Annexation Policy and Limits of Annexation Map. This process occurs annually in coordination with the City’s review of its Capital Improvement Program (CIP). More information on the CIP schedule will be available later this fall. The Annexation Map and Policy review process this year will run from November 2018 through approximately April 2019.
The Annexation Committee includes representation from City Administration, Fire, Police, Parks, Planning, and Transit. The Committee also includes a Billings Public Schools representative and a County Water District of Billings Heights staff member.
The Committee makes recommendations to the City Council on amendments to the City’s Limits of Annexation Map which may be viewed here and the City’s Annexation Policy which may be viewed here. The Map was last amended in April 2018 by the City Council following the Committee’s review and recommendations in the winter of 2017/2018.
The Committee reviews requests from property owners to amend the City’s Limits of Annexation Map to include properties in the City Annexation Petition Area (Red Area) so that they are eligible to be considered for annexation by the City. The Committee reviews letters of request to include properties in the Long Range Urban Planning Area (Orange Area) for additional study and potential future inclusion in the Red Area. The Committee also reviews internal requests from other City Departments on map amendments and other Map and Policy items and issues as directed by the City Council.
The deadline for map amendment requests from property owners to be submitted to the Annexation Committee is October 19, 2018. The Committee is then expected to meet once per month in November, December, January, February, and March, as needed, to consider any map amendment requests received, and develop recommendations for City Council.
It is critical that any property owner planning to submit a map amendment request, thoroughly read and understand the City’s Annexation Policy and Limits of Annexation Map. Map requests for the Red Area must include an Urban Planning Study as outlined in the Annexation Policy to be considered and drafting a UPS is a detailed and complex process.
There is a fee of $743.00 associated with MAP Amendment Requests for the Red Area (Urban Planning Studies). Requests for Map Amendments and the fee should be delivered/sent to the Planning and Community Services Department, 2825 3rd Avenue North, 4th Floor, Billings, MT 59101. The requested materials and the Urban Planning Study must be delivered in paper and in electronic format. The fee will need to be paid in person at the Planning and Community Services Department or over the phone via credit card transaction.
If you have any questions on the process and schedule, please contact Wyeth Friday for more information at 247-8676 or via email at

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