School Crosswalk (11th St. W. & Poly Dr.)

Installation of this crosswalk for the school zone is the result of a cooperative effort between the City, the School District, the Highland School PTSA, and residents in the Highland Neighborhood Planning Area. They arrived at a solution that improved crossing safety for Highland School students living north of Poly Drive, while minimizing the loss of on-street parking for residents along Poly.

The bulb-outs enhance the crossing in several ways:
  • Shortened the crossing distance making it easier to cross the street
  • Let pedestrians waiting to cross stand near the edge of the parking lane where it is easier for them to see oncoming traffic and to be seen by drivers
  • Reduced the chance of a second driver passing a vehicle that has stopped for someone in the crosswalk from behind
School Flashers
School flashers with a reduced speed limit during crossing periods will be installed as soon as the flasher units are received from the manufacturer. The flasher units are solar powered, eliminating the need to trench and run wiring for electrical power. These will be the first solar powered flashers installed in Billings.