Arlene Corridor Extension

The objective for this project was to construct an arterial street on the west side of Billings that would connect Zimmerman Trail on the north with the Shiloh Interchange.

Project Details
This transportation corridor has been an element of the Transportation Plan for many years, and was part of the adopted 2000 Transportation Plan.
  • Status: Voters approved a transportation bond in November of 2003. The transportation bond provided the majority of the funding for this project.
  • Proposal: The project constructed an arterial street from 32nd Street West at Broadwater Avenue to Arlene Street at Poly Drive. The street has one lane in each direction with a center drainage swale through the Peter Yegen Golf Course and a landscaped raised median from Grand Avenue to Poly Drive.
  • Cost: The project budget for construction and construction administration is $4.5 million.