Moore Lane Railroad Crossing

The objective of this project is to improve safety and traffic flow at the Moore Lane railroad crossing, including the adjacent intersections of Moore Lane and Laurel Road and Moore Lane and Monad Road.
The Montana Department of Transportation and Montana Rail Link have identified a need to upgrade the railroad crossing circuitry and crossing signals at this location due to the age of the existing equipment.

1993 Signal Priority Study

The 1993 Signal Priority Study and subsequent updates to that study have identified a need for installation of a traffic signal at the Moore Lane and Monad Road intersection. The close proximity of the railroad crossing and Laurel Road makes installation of an independently signalized intersection at Monad impossible.

The 1990 and the 2000 Billings Transportation Plans identified the need to make operational improvements at this location.

Current Project Information
  • Status:
    • The Montana Department of Transportation is currently developing a conceptual layout for the roadway and signal changes needed and developing a preliminary cost estimate.
    • They have expressed a need for financial participation from the City and the railroad to advance a combined project that would address both the crossing issues and the operational problems at Moore Lane & Monad Road.
  • Proposal:
    • The Montana Department of Transportation has advanced a concept to change the layout of the Monad and Moore intersection to make Moore Lane a minor leg teeing into Monad and operate both intersections (Monad & Laurel Road) with one traffic signal controller similar to how 19th & 20th at Monad currently operate.
    • Provisions would be included to tie the traffic signal to the RR crossing signals to prevent motorists from being trapped on the tracks when a train is coming.
    • Neither Moore Lane nor Monad Road is eligible for Federal Aid or State Highway funds. The City is requested to contribute an amount equivalent to signalization of a typical intersection to a combined railroad crossing--intersection improvement & signalization project.
  • Cost: Total Estimated cost is $500,000