Billings Railroad Crossing Feasibility Study

The City of Billings has received federal funding to conduct a study of the existing downtown railroad crossings at 27th, 28th, and 29th Streets.

The study will examine current and future conditions with emphasis placed on effective delivery of emergency services, safety, and efficiency for all travel modes, business viability, and elimination of any real or perceived socio-economic division of the community created by the railroad tracks.

Possible Solutions
The Feasibility Study examined the following alternatives:
  • Do nothing
  • Relocate railroad main line out of downtown Billings
  • Modify railroad switching operations
  • Relocate railroad switching operations
  • Modify railroad and/or motor vehicle signal systems
  • Grade separation (overpass or underpass) on 27th Street
  • Combinations of the above
Draft Final Report
RR Crossing Feasibility Report
(13.5 MB file.  May take a while to download)