Snow Routes & Procedures


The Public Works Street-Traffic Division maintains 512 miles of streets with more than 170 miles designated as priority one snow routes which require immediate and continuous plowing and sanding. Our goal is to keep maximum, safe traffic movement during and after all snow storms. Every snow storm will cause different street conditions due to temperature, moisture content, wind, and snow volume.

Reporting a Problem Area

If you would like to report a problem area that may require sanding or plowing, please call the Street / Traffic Division at (406) 657-8250 or the Complaint Hotline at (406) 657-8267.


The City accomplishes this maintenance with limited resources financed through the City's Street Maintenance Fund. These funds are collected through the tax statements. The average home owner (10,000 square foot lot) pays approximately $64 a year for this as well as some of the other services delivered by the Street / Traffic Division.

Snowplowing FAQ

Winter 2019