Waste Management Companies


The City of Billings is the exclusive hauler inside the city limits, Services are franchised and provide residential, commercial and roll off services. The City also owns the Billings Regional Landfill.

The property owner is required to pay for sufficient service. Every year City Council will review the assessments and adjust the rate accordingly.

If our rates do increase, the increase is then placed on the utility bills. For roll-offs (large construction tanks) a letter will be sent out ahead of time informing you of the increase.


      Residential and Commercial Collection Fee Resolution

Roll-Offs & Landfill Fees


  • Roll-off and landfill fees are billed monthly on the first week of the month
  • Roll-offs can be placed on a schedule or called in as needed
  • A purchase order number may be placed on the charges as they are assessed
  • Charges are due 14 days from receipt

Contact Us

We can be reached at (406) 247-8621 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time
Residential and Commercial Collection Fee Resolution