Origin to Destination Service

Met Plus Transportation ADA complementary paratransit service is curb-to-curb service.  MET Plus Transportation staff asks that passengers be ready for pick up at the curb.

If help is needed from the door to the vehicle, you may request door-to-door service.  We will not provide door-to-door service if barriers such as stairs, ramps, doors, snow, and ice prevent us from helping you to the vehicle.  We ask that you request door-to-door service; MET Plus Transportation staff may make an on-site examination.

The following guidelines will be followed to allow door-to-door service to be provided safely and efficiently:

  • Drivers will provide assistance to and from the ground floor of homes and destinations.
  • Drivers will not enter private homes for any reason.
  • Drivers will assist passengers into and from the main entrance door of hospitals, offices, and shops.  If there is a main entrance foyer with two sets of doors, the driver will assist passengers through the second door.  Drivers will not assist passengers past this point.
  • Drivers will not enter nursing homes, medical facilities, shopping centers, businesses, or other public buildings in an attempt to find passengers.
  • Drivers will not carry passengers up or down steps.