Bus Fares

MET Transit One-Way Fares Unlimited Ride Monthly Passes
Adults (age 19-61 yrs) $2.00 Adult 31-Day pass (age 19-61 yrs) $28.00 
Youth (ages 6-18 yrs) $1.50 
Youth (age 6-18 yrs) and Student (must show valid student ID) 31-Day Pass

Senior citizens (age 62 yrs and up) and Disabled citizens *
$1.00  Senior citizens (age 62 and up) Disabled citizens pass* 
Pre-school (under 6 yrs.) Free
Single day pass $4.00 / day
Transfers Free
10-ride ticket $18.00
 * Proof of eligibility includes Medicare card or other proof.


Riding MET is convenient and easy. All buses accept CASH for single-ride fare payment. Simply deposit exact change for the one-way fare when boarding the bus. If you need a transfer slip, request one from the driver.

Passes, 10-ride tickets and digital single-ride fares can be purchased online by visiting UMO Pass, by downloading the UMO Mobility app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, by contacting the the MET office at 406-657-8218, or by visiting the MET office in person. Passengers may opt to use their smartphone to pay transit fares or may use a TouchPass/UMO smartcard obtained from MET Transit (please note, Touchpass cards will continue to function with the UMO system). If you are unable to visit in person to pickup a transit smartcard, office staff are able to sell you a card over the phone and send it to you via the United States Postal Service. Purchases can also be made at City Hall. K-12 students may also purchases a smartcard or reload their pass or account balances at participating school offices; please check with your student's school to verify availability. When boarding the bus, simply touch your smart card to the card reader or hold your phone in front of the reader camera.  The reader will give a green light for valid fares and a red light for invalid fares.  When using your phone, please hold the phone 6 - 8 inches from the reader camera and line the barcode up in the square that will appear on the reader screen. Transfers are automatically credited to the UMO account for the transfer period. 

Discounted Fares (Seniors, Disability, Students)

All passengers age six or older must either pay the appropriate fare, or use a ride pass or transfer. Citizens who are age 62 and above or who have a disability or who are a student may qualify to ride by paying a discounted fare. Citizens of qualifying age must present proof of age (such as an ID displaying a birthdate) while students must present a valid student ID; individuals with a disability will be required to obtain a Disability Identification Card from MET Transit in order to pay the discounted cash fare or may present their Medicare card.  UMO users may have their account updated to display discounted fares once verification of age, disability, or student status is complete. Proof of eligibility may be provided in person at the MET office or by completing this form and uploading a copy of the verification.  If you believe you qualify for a discounted fare, you must contact the MET prior to purchasing a pass via the UMO phone application, or you will be charged the full fare rate and will only be able to buy passes at the Adult rate.  

For more information regarding disability fares, click here or call the MET office at (406) 657-8218.

Unlimited-Ride Passes

Buying one of the various unlimited ride passes allow for unlimited rides in a defined period. A day pass allows unlimited rides in a single day while a 31-day pass allows you unlimited rides for a 31-day period.  Both periods start when passes are first activated.


Passengers who use either the UMO Mobility app or a smartcard may choose to use the "Stored Value" option to pay single-ride fares; stored value transactions are subject to an additional benefit called "Fare Capping."  Fare capping allows a rider who pays for individual one-way rides to be automatically upgraded to an unlimited ride pass once they have paid for enough rides to equal the cost of the unlimited ride pass.  For example, an adult passenger who purchases two (2) one-way rides at $2.00 each would automatically be upgraded to a "Day Pass" unlimited ride pass for the duration of the day since they have already paid $4.00 for two rides (the same cost as a day pass).  Another example would be a passenger who qualifies for the Senior/Disability rate paying for twelve (12) one-way rides at $1.00 each; this passenger would be upgraded to a 31-day unlimited ride pass upon reaching the $12.00 value by paying for single rides.  The fare capping unlimited ride pass begins from the moment the individual makes the first single fare payment.  For further information, please contact the MET at 406-657-8218.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy (PDF)

UMO Electronic Fares Frequently Asked Questions:

DO I NEED A SMARTPHONE TO USE THE SYSTEM? NO. You may choose to use an UMO smartcard that can also be managed and reloaded online. 

HOW DO I GET A CARD?  You can purchase a pass and receive a smartcard by visiting the MET at 1705 Monad Rd, by visiting Billings City Hall, or by calling the MET at 406-657-8218. Middle-school and High-school students can also purchase passes and cards at participating schools. Cards normally cost $3.00 to purchase but this fee is waived until February 01, 2021.

IS THE CARD REUSABLE?  YES.  The UMO smartcard is a permanent card and can be re-loaded with passes and fares.  

CAN I BUY A PASS OVER THE PHONE? YES. You may call 406-657-8218 and speak to a MET Transit representative. Passes and cards can be bought over the phone and the representative will mail you the card.

CAN I STILL PAY FOR MY FARES WITH CASH?  YES.  All buses continue to accept cash payment for single-ride fares.  Cash or check can be used to purchase fares or passes for both the smartphone app and smartcard at the MET or by visiting Billings City Hall. 

HOW DO I RELOAD MY ACCOUNT WITH CASH OR CHECK?  Both smartphone passes and smartcard passes can be loaded with a pass by paying cash or check at the MET or by visiting Billings City Hall. Passengers may also visit any CVS Pharmacy location in Billings to reload their card via the InComm Reload Network; passengers must have a compatible UMO smartcard.  To check if your card is compatible, look on the back of the card for a magenetic strip.  If no strip is present, contact the MET to obtain an InComm compatible card.

WHAT IF I LOSE MY CARD?  You can get a replacement smartcard by visiting the MET, Billings City Hall, or by calling the MET at 406-657-8218. The lost or damaged card replacement fee is $3.00. Please register your card on UMOPASS.COM to tie it to your pass account. (DO NOT register your card in the smartphone app as it will deactivate). 

CAN I USE BOTH A SMARTCARD AND MY PHONE AT THE SAME TIME?  NO. Smartcards registered via the phone app will be converted to a “phone only” pass and the card will be deactivated.  You must choose to use EITHER the card OR the phone.

DO I NEED TO REGISTER MY CARD ON TOUCHPASS.COM? To track your account, you should register your smartcard by visiting UMOPASS.COM.  Once registered, passengers you can reload the card on the website.  By registering, MET Transit can also replace your card if you lose it or damage it.  If you choose not to register, we CANNOT issue a replacement and you would be required to purchase a new pass. (DO NOT register your card on the smartphone application or it will deactivate your card.)