Public Participation Plan

The purpose of the City of Billings MET Transit Public Participation Plan is to ensure and improve access to MET's decision-making process for all members of the public including low-income, minority, and other disadvantaged populations.

MET endeavors to provide opportunities for the public to assist and provide input on transit projects in regards to social, environmental, and economic impacts to the area's population.

The Public Participation Plan identifies methods for informing and involving the public in the decision making process, including minority and limited-english proficiency (LEP) populations.  Methods of informing the public include, but are not limited to, printed material, partner and community outreach, press releases, paid advertising, transit advertising, and the MET website and social media platforms.  Methods of involving the public include, but are not limited to, public meetings, public hearings, surveys, Aviation and Transit Commission meetings, public comment cards, and multiple feedback options.

To download a copy of MET's updated (10/2019) Public Participation Plan, click the link below.

MET Transit Public Participation Plan