Downtown Traffic Study

The City of Billings (City) continues its commitment to the vitality of the downtown core through its transportation network. The City recognizes the important role that transportation plays in the growth and livability of downtown. The purpose of the Downtown Traffic Study (Study) was to:

  •  Understand how the downtown transportation network operates today and in the future year 2040.
  • Test different transportation network alternatives and identify which ones work or do not work for traffic operations in Downtown Billings.
  • Summarize the technical trade-offs of the transportation network alternatives that work for traffic operations.

 This Study provides the City with six alternatives and various cross sections that are feasible for consideration in enhancing the connectivity and livability within downtown Billings. These alternatives and cross sections provide the City with flexibility to implement transportation alternatives as funding becomes available and select the appropriate alternatives based on the level and time frame of the funding allocated. Moving forward, this Study can serve as a solid foundation for the City to continue the discussion with other agencies, stakeholders, property owners, businesses, and the public about finding ways to enhance the downtown transportation network.

Downtown Traffic Study Download (Large 62 Mb)