CIP Project Request

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The CIP is a five-year program that identifies needs for construction of capital projects or improvements to the City’s infrastructure. Each update is created with input from the public and direction from the City Council.

A capital project is a project that costs $25,000 or more and results in a permanent addition to the City’s asset through the acquisition of property, new construction, or rehabilitation of an existing facility to a like-new condition.

Examples of CIP projects are:

  • Street reconstruction
  • Traffic signal installation
  • New fire station
  • Playground replacement at a park

Examples of what is not a CIP project:

  • Street pothole repair or other maintenance
  • Additional police patrol or other services

View the current CIP for FY20-FY24:

CIP Final Approved FY20-FY24

Public input is an important first step in creating the annual update to the CIP. You may participate in person at a scheduled event during CIP Council review time-frame each year, or by submitting a project request form.

The CIP review events for FY21-FY25 are as follows:

11/18/19 Council Work Session                                                                                                                       12/9/19 Public Hearing and Council action

CIP Project Request From

Forms may also be submitted by mail at:
City of Billings
Attention: Jennifer Duray
2224 Montana Avenue
Billings, MT. 59101
Or by fax at: 406-237-6291

For additional information call: 406-657-8230