Bus Tracker Links and Instructions

Double MAP

Know where your bus is at anytime using your smartphone, tablet, or web capable device!  Follow the instructions below to download the app; to view the tracker in your web browser, click the following link:  MET Transit Bus Tracker 

MET Transit is now using DoubleMAP to provide real-time GPS tracking for it's fixed route buses. To download the app, follow the written instructions below; alternatively, an instructional video is provided to assist you in downloading and using the DoubleMAP app to track Billings MET Transit Buses.


      1. Click the icon below to be directed to the app in Google Play or the Apple App Store (or search for                        "DoubleMAP" in your device's app store) and install the app.

apple appstore
Google Play badge

       2. After install, when prompted by the app, select "Billings MET" as your desired system.

       3. The menu button on the app will allow you to select a number of options:

             a. Announcements will allow you to view system announcements such as detours, service notices, and                     other information

             b. Routes will allow you to select which routes you would like displayed in the app; this defaults to all                         routes being displayed

             c. Favorite Stops allows you to view timepoints you have made a favorite in the map view

       4. When viewing the map, tap/click on any bus to view the route name and bus numbers; from this screen,               tap or click the "Show all Bus Stops on this Route" link to show all stops associated with the selected                     route. With all stops displayed, you may then select individual stops to view real-time estimates on bus                 arrivals and add the stop to your favorites list.