2018-19 Municipal Court Jury

Welcome to the City of Billings Municipal Court. If you have been selected for jury duty,  your name has been randomly selected from a combined list of registered voters, licensed drivers and holders of Montana ID cards. The jury service shall commence September 1, 2018 and end August 31, 2019 as ordered by the Court pursuant to § 3-15-701 and § 3-15-702 MCA. 

​​REQUESTS TO BE EXCUSED: Pursuant to state law, a judge may grant excuse from the annual pool for undue hardship. If you believe jury service would cause you undue hardship, you may complete the “Affidavit to Claim Excuse” and return the form to the Clerk of Municipal Court. Work-related excuses, self-employment or lack of childcare, do not legally constitute extreme hardships. However, every effort will be made to accommodate pre-planned travel and one-time work or childcare schedules. Your request to be excused will be reviewed and you will be notified of my decision.

​You will not be excused over the phone, all requests must be written and you will receive written confirmation if the excuse is granted or denied. 

​If you no longer live in the City of Billings, please mark the "change of residence" on the Affidavit for Excusal form located on the back of your questionnaire. 

2018-2019 Municipal Court Trial Week

Billings Municipal Court holds its jury trials daily during one week per month. Jurors are selected randomly as required by state law.​​ ​

​​If you are selected as a juror for a given date, you will receive a letter advising the date and time that you are to report for duty. ​ ​

​Please note that each trial usually lasts only a single day. Scheduled trial weeks are highlighted in red on the calendar below.​

​September 2018 through February 2019
TWS September 18 - Feb. 19
March 2019 through February 2019
TWS March 19 - August 19