Landfill Operations


The waste pile is covered with six inches of dirt at the end of each day to prevent litter problems, odors and scavenging animals. Wind screens are positioned around the pile to help catch any blowing debris.

Empty plastic bags are the biggest nuisance at the landfill as they are easily caught by the wind and transported off site. Tying a knot in an empty bag before throwing it away will prevent it from becoming airborne. Better yet - recycle!

Waste Types
Municipal Waste* (commercial and residential) 60%
Non-hazardous waste (refinery waste, sewage sludge, agricultural waste) 15%
Inert Waste (construction/demolition debris, non-contaminated soil, tires) 25%

*Of the municipal waste received, over 50% is some sort of paper product. Metals, glass and plastic make up the remaining 50%.

Find out which waste types are not accepted or are restricted at the landfill.