Orchard Lane Reconstruction

Project Information:

Orchard Lane is being reconstructed between King Avenue East and State Avenue in 2016. This project is expected to begin May 25th with substantial construction starting July 5th and be completed by mid November. The project consists of  two travel lanes, a two-way left turn lane, curb, gutter and seven foot sidewalks. The project was bid and awarded to CMG Construction, Inc.

Utility relocation started in March/April and is estimated to be completed in July.

October 10 , 2016 Update:

For the weeks of October 10th – October 21st. All underground utility work has been completed. CMG has finished excavation and graveling to State Avenue. They will try to finish all the curb & gutter on Orchard by October 14th. They will also be digging and prepping sidewalk benches, pouring the remaining curb & gutter side street radiuses, and working on approaches, driveways, and sidewalks. They are anticipating finishing paving the week of October 24th.  Property owners can expect some limited access to their driveways during the curb & gutter, approaches, and driveway pours. Orchard Lane is fairly accessible from both ends now and is paved with a bottom lift from King Avenue to Mitchell. Anyone driving Orchard Lane please use caution and be aware of the cones, parked cars, moving equipment, construction workers, and gravel piles as the contractor works to get Orchard paved as soon as possible.