Current Zoning Applications

 For the Month of November, 2018

City of Billings Zoning Applications

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City Zoning Commission

Special Review 971 –1801 Majestic Lane - Casino in vacant tenant space Big Horn Resort - A special review request to activate the gaming license attached to an all-beverage liquor license currently located in the Big Horn Resort on Lot 10A, Block 1 of Broso Valley Park Subdivision, an 11.179 acre parcel of land located in a Controlled Industrial (CI) zone and within the South Shiloh Corridor Overlay district, at 1801 Majestic Lane. No waiver of the 600-foot separation distance from a church, school or public park is required. The license will be located in a 1,369 square foot tenant space within the 76,868 square foot building. Tax ID: A30687
City Ward V, Planner: Karen Husman 247-8684

City Special Review 972 – 2420 13th St W, Presbyterian Church – Request to install a camouflage wireless facility (a faux tree) - A special review request to allow the installation of a 50-foot tall faux tree as a camouflage wireless facility on C/S 846, a 1.304 acre parcel of land located in a Residential 9,600 (R-96) zone at 2420 13th St West. Tax ID: D04830
City Ward IV, Planner: Karen Husman 247-8684

City Zone Change 972 – S 44th St West - Western Sky Subdivision – RMF-R, Public & R-70 to RMF-R, RMH & Public A zone change request from Residential Multi-family-Restricted (RMF-R), Residential 7,000 (R-
70) and Public (P) to Residential Multi-family-Restricted (RMF-R), Residential Manufactured Home (RMH) and Public (P) on Lot 2A-1, Block 1 of Western Sky Subdivision (tbka 44 West Subdivision) a 29.97 acre parcel of land generally located west of S 44th St West and south of King Avenue West. Tax ID: C15619
City Ward V, Planner: Nicole Cromwell 247-8662

City Board of Adjustment

City Variance 1290 – 1775 High Sierra Blvd – Skyview High School – Land Use Contrary to Zoning - A public forum to gather comment on an installed solar voltaic array installed within the required 10-foot side adjacent to street setback (Sec. 27-309). The solar array was re-located during field installation due to underground utilities. The City Board of Adjustment has no power to approve, deny or attach conditions to the proposed use.
State law (MCA 76-2-402) requires a forum before the Board of Adjustment to receive public comment. The property is Lot 1, Block 45 of High Sierra Subdivision, 1st Filing a 44.597 acre parcel of land and is zoned Public. Tax ID A27113
City Ward II, Planner: Nicole Cromwell 247-8662



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Yellowstone County Zoning Applications

County Zoning Commission  
County Special Review 330 –3760 Wise Lane - A special review request to operate a gravel extraction open cut mine in an Agriculture Open-Space (A-1) zone on a fraction in the NE ¼ and on a fraction of Lots 1 & 2 in Section 34, Township 1 South, Range 25 East, generally located at 3760 Wise Lane, a 59.21 acre parcel of land. Additional area will be included in the open cut mine area but is not within the Zoning Jurisdiction of Yellowstone County. Tax ID: D01161.
Commissioner District 1, Planner: Nicole Cromwell 247-8662

County Zone Change 691 – 3333 N Frontage Road - A zone change from Agriculture Open-Space (A-1) to Controlled Industrial (CI) on the easterly 9.16 acres of C/S 1734, Parcel 1, generally located at 3333 N Frontage Road. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on October 22, 2018, at the applicant’s office at 316 N 33rd St in Billings, MT. Tax ID: D06413
Commissioner District 2, Planner: Monica Plecker 247-8660

County Board of Adjustment

No applications - Meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 4:00 pm is CANCELLED

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