Current Zoning Applications

 For the Month of February, 2020

City of Billings Zoning Applications

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City Zoning Commission

City Zone Change –There were no zone change applications received for February meeting.

City Special Review 980 – NW Corner of Shiloh Road and Central Ave. – Car Wash – A special review request to allow a stand-alone car wash facility, on Lot 22A, Block 2 of Certificate of Survey 2727M, a 4.708 acre parcel of land. The parcel is currently outside the City limits of Billings, there is a pending annexation request. Tax ID: D11892
City Ward 5, Planner: Karen Husman, Planner I, 247-8684,

City Board of Adjustment

 The February City BOA meeting is cancelled. No applications were received.

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Yellowstone County Zoning Applications

County Zoning Commission

  There were no County zone changes or special review applications received.

The February Zoning Commission meeting will be cancelled.

County Board of Adjustment

County Variance - No Applications received. The February County BOA has been cancelled.

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