Current Zoning Applications

 For the Month of October 2021

City of Billings Zoning Applications

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City Zoning Commission

City Zone Change 1005 – 934 Lewis Ave – from CMU1 to CMU1, NX1 and NX3 - A zone change request from CMU1 (Corridor Mixed Use 1) to CMU1, NX1 (Mixed Residential 1) and NX3 (Mixed Residential 3), on Parcel 1 COS 2474, S05, T01 S, R26 E, an 8.02 acre parcel located at 934 Lewis Ave (Elks Lodge & Tennis Center property). Tax ID: D01281
City Ward 3, Planner: Nicole Cromwell, 247-8662,

City Zone Change 1006 – 1204 Howard Ave – from N1 to NX1 - A zone change request from N1 (First Neighborhood Residential) to NX1 (Mixed Residential 1), on Block 2, Lots 1-2 of the West Billings Heights Subdivision, S05, T01 S, R26 E, a 7,000 square foot parcel located at 1204 Howard Avenue. The purpose of the zone change is to allow the existing duplex to be modified into a 4-unit structure. Tax ID: A17638
City Ward 3, Planner: Karen  Husman, 247-8684, 

City Zone Change 1007 – Emma Jean Heights – from N2 to N3 - A zone change request from N2 (Mid-century Neighborhood Residential) to N3 (Suburban Neighborhood Residential), on 51 parcels in the Emma Jean Heights Subdivision located off Bitterroot Dr. Tax IDs: A35410, A35407, A35408, A35409, A34268, A34269, A34271, A34270, plus 43 other parcels without Tax Id’s.
City Ward 2, Planner: Karen  Husman, 247-8684, 

City Zone Change 1009 – Zimmerman Home Place   - from N3, NX1,NX3, P1 to PND (N2, NX1, NX3, P1) - A zone change request for 7.4 acres of N3 (Suburban Neighborhood Residential) to 2.06 acres of N2 (Mid-century Neighborhood Residential), 12.9 acres of NX1 (Mixed Residential 1) 16.67 acres of NX1, 13.69 acres of NX3 (Mixed Residential 3) to 13.97 acres of NX3 and 2.67 acres of P1 (Parks and Open Space) to 3.96 acres of P1, all within a Planned Neighborhood Development, on Block 1, Lot 1 and Block 2, Lot 1 of Zimmerman Home Place Subdivision 1st Filing, S34, T01 N, R 25 E, a total area of approximately 36.66 acres, near the intersection of Colton Blvd. and Zimmerman Trl. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on December 16th at 6:00 p.m. virtually on Zoom. Tax ID: A362620 and A362630
City Ward 5, Planner: Nicole Cromwell, 247-8662,

City Special Review - No special reviews were received for the February hearings

City Board of Adjustment

Return Item- City Variance 1339 – Mountain Mudd Kiosk– allow temporary use structure larger than 120 sf at 16 Shiloh Rd- A variance from Section 27-1009(A)(3) requiring a group 3 temporary use structure to have a maximum size of 120 square feet to allow a 160 square foot structure in a Corridor Mixed Use 1 (CMU1) zone on Parcel 1A, Certificate of Survey 2727M, a 1.587-acre parcel of land located at 16 Shiloh Rd. Tax ID: D11891
City Ward 1, Planner: Erin Keith, 237-6277,

City Variance 1341 – Coca-Cola Building– Allow increase in maximum sign square footage in I1 - A variance from 27-1407(E)(a) requiring a maximum of 250 square feet total sign area per frontage, on parcel 11A of COS 1391 AMND, located in S24, T01 S, R25 E. The purpose of the variance is to allow a 456 sq ft sign on a building with 400 lineal feet of frontage. Tax ID: D008740
City Ward 5, Planner: Nicole Cromwell, 247-8662, 

County Zoning Commission

There were no County Zoning Applications received in January.  The February 2022 County Zoning Commission Meeting is cancelled. 

County Board of Adjustment

There were no County Variance applications received in January.  The February 2022 Board of Adjustment Meeting is cancelled. 

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Marijuana Business Area Maps – Current Zoning Code Proposals going to City Council on October 25

  • The map with the pink shading for marijuana businesses shows where all marijuana business types may locate in Billings – dispensaries, grow operations, manufacturing, labs, and transportation facilities.

  • The map with the green shading for marijuana businesses shows where ONLY dispensaries may also locate in Billings. This map reflects the proposed changes to the zoning ordinance that the City Zoning Commission is recommending to the City Council.

NOTE: It is very important to note that neither of these maps should be used for regulatory purposes and does not guarantee any one a business location even in a shaded area. These maps are for overview only of the approximate areas where marijuana businesses may be allowed under these zoning code scenarios. Any specific application for zoning or licensing of a marijuana business in Billings will have to be specifically reviewed for all code compliance at the time of application.