Current Zoning Applications

 For the Month of July, 2019

City of Billings Zoning Applications

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City Zoning Commission

No Applications - Meeting scheduled for July 2, 2019 is CANCELLED

City Board of Adjustment

City Variance – 1295 – 2410 Flagstone Dr. – To allow an 8 foot fence -
A variance from 27-604(c) requiring a maximum of 6 feet in height to allow an 8 foot fence/wall in an Residential 9,600 (R-96) zone, on Block 1, Lot 3, Castlewood Sub. 3rd Filing, S27, T1N, R25E, a 10,943 square foot parcel of land. The purpose of the variance is to allow construction of an 8 foot fence adjacent to Zimmerman Trail. Tax ID: A20383 Ward 4, Planner: Karen Husman, Planner 1, 406-247-8684

City Variance – 1296 –The South East corner of Rosebud and S 31st Street West – Lot coverage. A Variance from Section 27-308 requiring a maximum of 30 % lot coverage to allow 40% to in a Residential -8000 (R-80) zone, on Block 15, Lots 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A & 11A, in S12, T1S, R25E of Lampman Subdivision, with five lots containing a total of 63,134 square feet. Tax ID: C07956, C07957, C07958, C07959 & C07960.  Ward 4, Planner: Karen Husman, Planner 1, 406-247-8684



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Yellowstone County Zoning Applications

County Zoning Commission

County Zone Change 695 – 4601 Central Ave - from A-1 to R-50, P & NC - A zone change request from Agricultural Open Space (A-1) to Residential-5000 (R-50), Public (P) and Neighborhood Commercial (NC), on , S2SWSW- S3, T1S, R25E (less C/S 2221),N2SWSW-S3, T1S, R25E, S2NWNW-S3, T1S, R25E (less C/S3035) & N2NWSW-S3, T1S, R25E, an 73.801 acre parcel of land. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on 5/17/19, at Ben Steele Middle School Commons. Tax ID: D00351, D00352, D00353 & D00354.
Commissioner District 2, Planner: Karen Husman, Planner I, 406-247-8684,

County Special Review - No special review applications received.

County Board of Adjustment

No Applications - Meeting Scheduled for July 11, 2019 is CANCELLED.

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