Current Zoning Applications

 For the Month of November, 2019

City of Billings Zoning Applications

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City Zoning Commission

The December Zoning Commission Meeting has been cancelled no application were received.

City Board of Adjustment

City Variance – 1304 – 711 N 15th Street – Lot size and setbacks -
A variance from Section 27-308 requiring a minimum lot area of 13000 square feet for a single family dwelling and a duplex dwelling to allow a minimum lot area of 7,500 square feet: from 27-308 requiring a three (3) foot side setback to allow a minimum of 2.5 feet and 1.3; in a Residential-6000 (R-60) zone, on Block 2, lot 47-48, North Park Subdivision a 7,500 square foot parcel of land. The purpose of the variance is to allow an existing duplex and single family dwelling and two out buildings to remain on the property, a rebuild letter would be required. Tax ID: A12069
City Ward l.
Planner: Karen Husman, Planner 1,
(406) 247-8684

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Yellowstone County Zoning Applications

County Zoning Commission

   County Zone Change 698 – 1093 ½ Lincoln Lane - From Residential-7000 (R-70) to Community Commercial (CC)- A zone change request from Residential-7000 (R-70) to Community Commercial (CC) on Lots 2-6, in Block 1, Lots 2A-6 in Block 2 Laray Subdivision, seven contiguous parcels totaling 2.05 acres. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on October 28, 2019, at 231 Main Street. Tax ID: A10046, A10047,A10047A, A10049, A10050, A10051, A10052.
Commissioner District 2, Planner: Karen Husman, Planner I, 247-8684,

County Special Review - No special review applications received.

County Board of Adjustment

County Variance - No Applications received. The County BOA has been cancelled.

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