Bomb Squad

Bomb squad patchOverview
The bomb squad is a specialized unit of officers who are trained and equipped to respond to calls of suspicious items, packages, and devices that are possibly explosive in nature. The bomb squad also disposes of old-deteriorated explosives, fireworks, and old ammunition.

The squad is one of two bomb squads in the state of Montana that respond to calls for service. The department’s bomb squad provides service through mutual aid to the eastern half of Montana.

Services & Responsibilities
The bomb squad works with the community, educating community members in handling bomb threats and establishing search and evacuations procedures. The bomb squad also assists the department’s SWAT team with explosive entries into buildings and other structures.

Technicians & Equipment
The bomb squad is made up of four certified bomb technicians. They are equipped with a truck to transport various pieces of equipment that the technicians use on their calls.

The bomb squad is equipped with protective clothing, a robot, and a total containment vessel which allows them to safely transport explosives or detonate explosives inside. They have x-ray equipment for looking in suspicious packages that may contain explosives. The squad also has equipment that is used to detect and sample possible biological and chemical agents.