Downtown Bicycle Parking

Downtown Bike Rack Project

For only $50, a downtown business can request a bike rack outside of their business. The Downtown Billings Alliance installs and maintains the rack and the rack remains property of the City of Billings. You will find the Bicycle Parking Application here. .

Each location will be evaluated individually to ensure they meet zoning and planning regulations. The bicycle parking guidelines advise their installation.

Example locations of where public bike racks cannot be installed:

  • private properties
  • in dirt, grass, asphalt, or pavers
  • locations with pedestrian throughway conflicts
If you would like to learn about providing a bike staple outside your business, please contact Elyse Monat, Active Transportation Planner at

Check out our Billings branded bike racks below! 
Photo Credit: Mel Barbour

During 2019, businesses can get a Billings branded bike rack while supplies last thanks to a generous Montana Tourism Grant, as well as local businesses and organizations including Downtown Billings, Visit Billings, Atomic Industries, Billings TrailNet, and Pedal United

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