Become a Bicycle Friendly Business

bike_friendly_business long logo.jpgThe League of American Bicyclists has created a program to specifically highlight those businesses that are bicycle friendly. To view the requirements of becoming a Bicycle Friendly BusinessSM you can visit the League's website.

Currently Billings has one Bicycle Friendly BusinessSM check out the awards the League of American Bicyclists has given Montana. 

Attributes of a Bicycle Friendly Business



Incentives are provided for employees who bike to work; there are organized staff rides and employees are encouraged to join commute challenges and other events; the business supports local bike clubs and teams as well as local, state, and national bicycle advocacy groups

Bicycling safety skills information is readily available to employees; bike maps are provided; there are opportunities for employees who drive to learn how to safely drive on the road with people riding bikes

  There is plenty of secure, convenient, and high quality bike parking for employees and guests; showers and changing areas are available for employees to use; tools and repair supplies are provided; the business is easily accessible by bike

Evaluation & Planning

The business sets high but attainable goals to increase bike ridership by encouraging Bike to Work Day participation; there is a bike coordinator; annual surveys are conducted to gain a better understanding of employee commuting habits