2016 SBURD Sewer Project

Project Overview:

The 'SBURD Sanitary Sewer – Phase 2' project consists of the installation of 3,400 feet of new sanitary sewer pipelines in the neighborhoods south of Orchard School in Billings.  A similar Phase 1 project was completed in 2014.  The project area is bounded by Hallowell Lane to the west, Frances Avenue to the north, Jackson Street to the east, and Morgan Avenue to the south.  The Phase 2 construction areas within this boundary are currently not served by the City's sewer collection system, so each home has an individual septic system.  The project will provide a service stub from the new mains to each lot for connection by the property owner after the project is completed.  The work is being funded by the South Billings Urban Renewal District (SBURD) tax increment financing (TIF) district.  Construction is expected to last about 2 to 3 months starting in mid-June.  The project is being constructed by COP Construction, who was selected through a competitive bid process.  DOWL is the City's engineering consultant that prepared the design and will be overseeing construction.

August 12, 2016 Update:

This is the final project update, as the work has reached substantial completion.  See the attached exhibit for an overview of the completed work areas.  Work during the week starting August 15 will consist of final concrete sidewalk placement in a few areas and general project cleanup.  All streets will be open to thru traffic.

Contact Information:

Questions regarding the construction project can be directed to the following:

Paul Swenson, P.E.
Senior Municipal Engineer
(406) 869-6301