State Maintained Routes

For more than 30 years, the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has contracted with the City of Billings for street maintenance on state routes. However, beginning in July, 2011 the MDT has opted to maintain their own routes. Maintenance includes street patching, sweeping, storm sewer repair, snow plowing, snow removal, ice control, street striping, vegetation control, signal maintenance, and sign replacement.

Roads Now Maintained by MDT
The following are the roads previously maintained by the City which are now maintained by the MDT:
  • Laurel Road from Parkway Lane to the Sixth Street West overpass
  • Montana Avenue from the 6th Street West overpass to Division Street
  • Division Street from Montana Avenue to First Avenue North
  • First Avenue North from Main Street to Division Street
  • All of the streets constructed in conjunction with the Sixth Street West overpass
  • First Avenue South – Minnesota Avenue connection from Sixth Street West overpass through the North 13th Street overpass to First Avenue North
  • North 13th from First Avenue North to Fourth Avenue North
  • Fourth Avenue North from North 13th Street to Main Street
  • Intersection of First Avenue North, Main Street, and Hwy 87 East to 500’ east on 87 East to the overhead sign
  • Main Street from First Avenue North to the southwest side of the Roundup Road turnoff
  • North and South 27th Street from the north ROW of Belknap Avenue through the roundabout at the intersection of North 27th Street and State Highway 3
  • King Ave from 24th Street West to Mullowney Lane
Additional Information
Please call the MDT at (406) 252-4138 for questions or concerns regarding any of the above streets.