Fall Leaf Pick up Program

The City of Billings offers two collection programs to help residents manage their leaves during the fall season. City crews will collect leaves that are put in the green yard waste containers or bagged leaves for customers who don’t have the green containers or have alley pick up.

Fall Leaf Collection Program Changes
Key changes have been made to this year’s Fall Leaf Collection Program as part of our ongoing efforts to improve public works services and meet the needs of residents. Residents will no longer be able to put leaves in street gutters for the Street crews to pick up. During our Community Conversation meetings this spring, citizens felt Street Maintenance crews could be better utilized in the fall to paint school crosswalks and grade roads and alleys, as well as other street maintenance projects.

General Guidelines
    The following are some general guidelines for Fall Leaf Collection that applies to all residents:
    • Please use your green yard waste containers for loose leaves
    • Please bag your leaves if you do not have a green yard waste container
    • Leaves raked into street gutters will not be picked up
    • Leaf burning is prohibited within the Billings city limits
    • Leaves in green yard waste containers will not be picked up after the last full week of November
    • All leaves will then need to be bagged for collection