Alkali Creek Road

2009 Stimulus Funding & Project Status
Approximately $1,600,000 in federal stimulus funds are included in this project. The project is scheduled to start in the spring of 2010.

Project History
The original plan for W.O 04-12 was to reconstruct Alkali Creek Road between Senators Blvd. and Airport Road. In addition to the constructed street section, the project was also to include storm drainage,water and sewer mains, a multi-use path, sidewalk and curb and gutter improvements. The first two phases of the project were started in the summer of 2005 and completed in the summer of 2006. These phases encompassed the stretch between Senators and the BBWA Canal siphon crossing near Black Pine Street. The multi-use path constructed during these phases stretches from Alkali Creek Elementary School to Black Pine Street.

During a preliminary design field review in July 2007 for phase 3 (Black Pine to Airport Rd.), a major slope failure was discovered. This failure was quickly corrected, but the failure caused Staff to re-examine the conclusion of a previous geotechnical report done for the affected area. A “second opinion” was received from a different geotechnical firm. The second report, dated December 17, 2007, determined that 385 linear feet of actual failed slopes exist along this stretch of road (classified as “extremely critical”), which represents over one-fourth of the total stretch of approximately 1,350 linear feet. Subsequent investigations have shown the remaining areas to also be susceptible to failure and classified as “critical”. The recommendation was to fix the “extremely critical” areas as soon as possible and the “critical” areas soon thereafter.

On February 18, 2008, our consultant (Kadrmas, Lee &Jackson—KLJ) began the preliminary engineering tasks needed to evaluate potential slope stability options and present recommended alternatives to the City. Soldier piles with lagging was the recommended option of providing the necessary slope stability. On July 28, 2008, KLJ started on the final design and bidding services to implement this option. The construction of the soldier piles with lagging was bid October 28, 2008, for only the four “extremely critical” areas. The low bid received was more than $800,000 over the available budget, so all bids were rejected December 15, 2008. After that time, the City worked with KLJ to further investigate all options to improve the slope stability problems. It was determined that relocating the stream channel is a feasible option that should be able to be accomplished within the revised project budget.

Present Day
The current scope of work includes, but is not limited to,complete engineering and environmental documentation needed to relocate the Alkali Creek stream channel, construct new slopes from the roadway to the stream channel, evaluate the existing roadway, and establish a future multi-use path on the north side of the road. This work will be performed between Black Pine Street and Aronson Avenue.