Volunteer Units

Volunteer Patrol Unit (VPU)
There was a need for extra patrols in parking lots due to illegal parking in Handicap spots, along with other areas that, due to the increasing volume of calls the BPD is receiving as the size and population grows, the police patrols are not able to get to as often as desired.

The VPU is staffed by volunteers of all ages who have trained by police officers to provide the assistance the do.They patrol in marked cars and wear a uniform that identifies them as a Police Volunteer.As Billings Grows, so will the duties they perform.Below are some of what they currently do:
  • Abandon vehicle impounds (under the physical supervision of a patrol officer)
  • Take photos of graffiti
  • Transports found bikes to BPD storage shed
  • Issue illegal Handicap Parking violation tickets
  • Issue illegal Parking Against Traffic violation tickets
  • Deploy Speed Trailers
These are quality of life issues that are routinely and verbally appreciated by the citizens- “it cleans up the neighborhood!”

Strategic placement of the radar trailers helps to slow careless speeding in residential high pedestrian traffic areas.Use the convenient On-Line-Form a radar trailer in your neighborhood.

In 2010 a Volunteer Bicycle Patrol Unit was approved by the Police Administration.This unit’s initial duties will be to patrol the City’s bike paths and parks and will no doubt evolve and vary as the unit grows.