Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurer
Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority (MMIA)

To file a claim
Contact your supervisor as soon as possible. Complete the City of Billings Accident/Injury form providing complete and accurate information. The completed form is sent to the Risk Officer in Human Resources via fax transmittal or internal mail courier.

  • Per MCA 39-71-603 – Notice of injuries, other than death, to be submitted within 30 days. A claim to recover benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act for injuries may not be considered compensable unless, within 30 days after the occurrence of the accident that is claimed to have caused the injury, notice of the time and place where the accident occurred and the nature of the injury is given to the employer.

If timely notice of the accident/injury is not provided within 30 days of the event, it will not be covered under Workers’ Compensation. Nor will the corresponding medical costs be covered by the City’s Health Insurance Plan.