Planning & Community Services Department

Planning and Community Services Department Offices Closed to the Public and Continuing Customer Services

Until further notice, the Planning and Community Services Department offices will be closed to the public to reduce the health risks for our customers and employees.

As our Department has services that are considered essential under State and Local Directives and we want to continue services to our community as much as possible, staff is working in the office and remotely answering phones, checking email and processing plans and applications. Services are not ceasing with the office closure in place.

To continue to serve customers and the public, there is a pick up and drop off area set up in the 1st Floor Conference Room of the Miller Building where customers for Building, Planning and Code Enforcement may drop off materials and pick up completed plans and applications during regular business hours. A similar self-serve station is also set up for the Community Development Division on the 6th floor outside its offices.

However, we want to provide as much service as possible electronically, so please check with our Divisions for how electronic delivery and processing of some services is being provided.

If you have any questions, please call the Planning and Community Services Department at 247-8676 or contact any of our Divisions directly.

Thank you.

Here is a list of Our Postponed and Canceled Meetings

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Most citizens seek the services of the Planning and Community Services Department when they need information on property, buildings, or land uses. Landowners, realtors, builders, and developers rely on our fast and customer-friendly service.

Qualified homebuyers and not-for-profit community organizations enjoy the programs we offer. All residents benefit from the Code Enforcement Division's efforts to preserve property values.

The Planning and Community Services Department is committed to building a safe community that uses its resources wisely. Our services and programs help maintain a high quality of life while providing a variety of housing and businesses choices for all residents. Consisting of four Divisions, we are happy to be at your service.

The 2019 Annual Report for the Planning, Building, Code Enforcement and Community Development Divisions is now available online.