Design, Construction & Bonds

Design and Plan Review
The City Engineer's Office will authorize the design and plan review after the City Council passes the Resolution to Create the district. The time factor varies from one month to several months depending upon the complexity of the improvements.

Construction Bids
The City Clerk advertises for construction bids when the design is complete. After bids are opened, the City Engineer's Office will recommend that the City Council award the construction contract to the bidder with the lowest qualified bid. The bid must be within the cost estimate included within the SID creation documents.

The length of time for actual construction of the improvements varies with the type of improvements. The City Engineer's Office oversees the improvements to ensure they are constructed according to City standards and specifications and completed in a timely manner. A one-year warranty period is provided to ensure no future problems arise.

Construction Financing

Funding comes from the sale of bonds. These bonds are sold through a public bid process similar to the construction bids. Bonds are usually sold to the bidder offering the lowest interest rate.