Creating an SID

After the City receives a property owner petition, the City must follow specific guidelines established by State Law to create the district. These steps are outlined below.

Step 1: Resolution of Intent to Create
After review by appropriate City departments, a report is forwarded to the City Council regarding cost estimates, boundaries, district maps, ownership, and assessment and bonding data. The City Council bases their decision to adopt the Resolution of Intent to Create upon this information.

Step 2. Public Notices
After the City Council adopts the Resolution of Intent to Create, the City will publish a notice in a local newspaper and mail notices to all affected property owners within the proposed district. A public hearing date is also scheduled after the conclusion of the 15-day protest period.

Step 3: Right of Protest
State Law gives all property owners within a proposed district the right to protest. The 15-day protest period allows property owners to submit formal written protest to the City Clerk. A 50% protest (75% on sanitary sewer) from affected property owners can kill a district.