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Rimrocks To Valley Bike and Pedestrian Trail Feasibility Study
The Rimrocks to Valley Trail Feasibility Study will evaluate alternatives for the development of separated bicycle and pedestrian facilities from Highway 3 atop the Rimrocks to existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities below (Rimrock Road, etc.) from 27th Street to Zimmerman Trail.  The Draft Rimrocks to Valley Bike/Pedestrian Feasibility Study is now available for review. Click here. Interested in the Rimrocks to Valley Bike/Pedestrian Trail Feasibility Study? 
 Information can be found here:

West End Multi-Modal Planning Study
In recent years, land development in the region of Billings that lies west of Shiloh Road has brought about an increase in traffic volumes that directly impacts safety, traffic operations and access.  As more and more rooftops are constructed in this area, demand for pedestrian and bicycle facilities to support multi-modal transportation options is also rapidly increasing.  The intent of this study is to provide the City of Billings and Yellowstone County with a tool for planning improvement projects to meet the demands of a vibrant and growing region of our great City.  The Draft West End Multi-Modal Planning Study is now available for review.  Click hereInformation can be found here:
Information can be found here:

Appendix A Traffic Count Data
Appendix B Existing Conditions Worksheet
Appendix C Horizon Year Worksheets
Appendix D Horizon Year Worksheets

Scott Walker
Planner ll/Transportation Planner

Physical Address
2825 3rd ave N 4th Floor
Billings, MT  59101

Phone: (406) 657-8246
Fax: (406)657-8327

The Yellowstone County Planning Board is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and oversees transportation planning for the Billings Urban Area. The area encompasses the City of Billings as well as a planning area extending approximately 4.5 miles outside the City limits. The MPO prepares a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) each year that contains:
  • Discussion of projects to undertake during the upcoming program year
  • Funding information
  • Staffing information
  • Schedule for each project
    The UPWP is supplemented by a five-year Transportation Improvements Plan (TIP). The TIP is a fiscal planning program for federally assisted highway and transit improvements for the Billings Urban Area. Every five to 10 years, the MPO prepares an Urban Area Transportation Plan that assesses the transportation needs and recommends actions to address those needs.

    Staff Support
    The Planning Division provides staff support to the MPO as well as two advisory committees that support MPO activities, the Policy Coordinating Committee and the Technical Advisory Committee.

    Scott Walker is the Transportation Planning Coordinator for the City and County. Transportation planning within the Billings Urban Area has been an ongoing process since the first official transportation plan was prepared in 1961. The plan has been updated in 1969, 1977, 1983, 1990, 2000, 2005 and most recently, 2009. In addition, the Transportation Planners work to organize active modes of transportation through the development of bike and pedestrian trails throughout the City and County.