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2014 SBURD Sewer Project

July 17, 2014 Update:

See the attached exhibit for an overview of the upcoming work areas and general project status.  Work during the week starting July 21 will include the continuation of sewer main installation in the alley west of Hillview between Vaughn and Morgan.  The water main portion of the project mentioned last week has been postponed until later in the project sequence.  Construction will involve trenching to install the new sewer mains, and individual sewer service stubs will be completed up to the property line only.  Mitchell and Vaughn will closed to thru traffic between Hillview and Hallowell, but will have limited local access.  Driveway access in the immediate vicinity of the work may be unavailable at times.

See link for map: SBURD Sanitary Sewer Map

Project Overview:
The 'SBURD Sanitary Sewer – Phase 1' project consists of the installation of 4,500 feet of new sanitary sewer pipelines in the neighborhood east of Optimist Park on the South Side of Billings.  The project area
 is bounded by Hallowell Lane to the west, Clevenger Avenue to the north, Jackson Street to the east, and Ryan Avenue to the south.  This area is currently not served by the City's sewer collection system, so each home has an individual septic system.  The project will provide a service stub from the new mains to each lot for connection by the property owner.  The work is being funded by the South Billings Urban Renewal District (SBURD) tax increment financing (TIF) district.  One block of existing water main on Mitchell Avenue, between Hallowell Lane and Hillview Lane, will also be replaced as part of this project.  Construction is expected to last about 3 to 4 months starting in late June.  The project is being constructed by COP Construction.  The City's engineering consultant that is overseeing construction is DOWL HKM.

Ken Ard
Staff Engineer II

2224 Montana Ave
Billings, MT 59101
Ph: (406) 657-8235
Fx: (406) 237-6291

8:00am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday    


Contact Information
Questions regarding the construction project can be directed to the following:

Paul Swenson, P.E.
Senior Municipal Engineer
(406) 869-6301