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Amend Park Community Garden

The Amend Park Community Garden is the first community garden in the Southwest Corridor area to be completely open to the public. Everyone is welcome to purchase their own plot no matter their experience level. Amend Park has been chosen as the garden location for its size and location. The south side of Billings is currently considered a food desert; this garden will give residents a chance to grow their own fresh, affordable food. Amend Park’s large size allows for a large garden (1 Acre.)This means there is room for many plots as well as room for other gardening structures such as a shed, greenhouse, learning area and children area.

The Amend Park Community Garden has a lot to offer this summer including plot space, volunteer opportunities, educational opportunities and more! Plots are available to anyone who applies. Once you’ve applied you  will then be able to grow whatever produce they would like! To apply for a plot, click  to download the application here.

There are also many volunteer opportunities to get involved in. You could help build and maintain the garden, become a garden mentor, teach a class, or be involved with the garden advisory board! Click to download our volunteer application here.

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Schlobohm at or Liz Prather at .