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 Date      Number  Purpose  Notes
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 1/13/2014 14-5617 Second/Final Amending Subdivision Regulations Subdivision Regulations
 1/27/2014 14-5618  Second/Final Reading Zone Change #917 - Lampman Park Lampman Park ZC 917
 4/28/2014 14-5619 Second/Final Reading Revising BMCC Sec. 21-213 and Sec. 21-241 Solid Waste Agreements with Private Haulers and Updating and Clarifying Solid Waste Regulations Solid Waste
 4/28/2014 14-5620 Second/Final Reading Revising BMCC Sec. 8-333, Dedication and Special Rules for Veteran Memorial Plot providing disposition of qualifying cremated veterans at Mountview Cemetery Mountview Cemetery - Veterans
 6/9/2014 14-5621  Second/Final Reading Zone Change #920 - 56th St. W and Grand Avenue  ZC 920
 6/23/2014 14-5622 Second/Final Reading Expanding Ward IV Boundaries (Annex 14-02) Ward IV
 7/14/2014 14-5623 Second/Final Reading Expanding Ward II Boundaries (Annex 14-01) Ward II
 7/28/2014 14-5624 Providing the Billings City Charter be amended to add Section 1.05.2; providing for a permanent mill levy to fund Fire, Police, 911 Dispatch Services and related public safety expenses and submitting the proposed amendment to the electors of the City as provided by law.  City Charter