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Posted on: April 4, 2013

Council Wards - Important Announcement!

New Ward Map

Your City Council representative may have changed. The Billings City Council adopted new ward boundaries in March 2013, ahead of the opening day for filing City Council election petitions. So, if you need to contact the Councilor who represents you or if you decide to run for the City Council, please check the map that can be viewed by clicking on the photo to the right or on "additional info" below.

The Council adopted these new ward boundaries because the 2010 Census showed that the former wards had unequal populations. Ward 2 in the Heights had almost 5,000 people more than the ideal ward population and Ward 3 in southwest Billings had 3,000 too few people. Ward 5, located in west central Billings, and Ward 3 needed to change boundaries because both were irregularly shaped. For example, a Ward 3 Councilor who lives near Division Street could represent people who live near ZooMontana. To ensure that the “one person – one vote” principle is upheld, the Council adopted these new boundaries so that each ward has approximately equal population. They also changed some boundaries to make the wards more compact. If you have questions about the boundaries or why they changed, please contact Bruce McCandless, Assistant City Administrator, at (406) 657-8222 or mccandlessb@ci.billings.mt.us.

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