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City of Billings Zoning Applications

City Zoning Commission


City Zone Change 959 - Text Amendment

An amendment to Section 27-304 to clarify that land uses contrary to local, state or federal law will not be allowed by right or by conditional approval. This zoning code amendment is companion to BMCC Section 7-1700 regarding Medical Marijuana Storefronts.

City Zone Change 957- Western Sky Subdivision Lots 3 & 4 -

A zone change from Community Commercial (CC), Residential Multi-Family-Restricted (RMF-R), Residential 5,000 (R-50), Residential 7,000 (R-70), Residential 9600 (R-96) and Public (P) on Lots 3 & 4 of Western Sky Subdivision to Planned Development (PD) for a new mixed use neighborhood with underlying zoning of PD-CC, PD-NC, PD-RMF and PD-RMH with additional area for public and private open space amenities, a 66+ acre parcel of land. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held at the subject property on April 24, 2017. Tax IDs: C15620, D00614 ** Public hearings will be held in August after preliminary review of the PD in July.

City Zone Change 960 - 7000 Block
Rimrock Road

A zone change request from un-zoned to Residential 7,000 (r-70) and Residential 5,000 (R-50) on Tract 2A of C/S 2465 (R-70) and Tract 1 of C/S 1871 (r-50) a 115.18 acre parcel of land generally located north of Rimrock Road and west of Copper Ridge Subdivision. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held June 26, 2017 at the Yellowstone Country Club, 3200 Paul Allen Way. A concurrent annexation petition has been submitted.Tax IDs: D04341 & D11494

City Board of Adjustment
City Variance 1264 - 909 Wyoming Ave - Lot Area- A variance from 27-308 requiring a minimum lot area of 40,000 square feet for 24 attached dwelling units to allow a minimum lot area of 34,110 square feet to allow the construction of a new supported residential apartments in a Community Commercial (CC) zone Lots 1 - 10, YWCA Subdivision (proposed Lot 8A), and vacated 10th St West. Tax ID: A18723.

City Variance 1265 - 518 Broadwater Ave - Lot Area - A variance from 27-308 requiring a minimum lot area of 8,500 square feet for an existing three-unit multi-family dwelling to allow a minimum lot area of 5,250 square feet in a Residential 6,000 (R-60) zone on Lot 37 and the West 1/2 Lot 38, Block 2, Yellowstone Addition Subdivision. Tax ID: A18872.

City Variance 1266 - 2518 Sunnyview Lane - Front Setback -  A variance from 27-308 requiring a minimum front setback of 20 feet to allow a minimum front setback of 10 feet for an existing dwelling and 12 feet for a proposed addition to the dwelling in a Residential 9,600 (R-96) zone on Lot 3, Morse Subdivision and Lot 3, Kolstad Subdivision, a 15,004 square foot parcel of land. Tax ID: A11189.

Yellowstone County Zoning Applications

County Zoning Commission 

No Applications received - The ZC meeting scheduled for July 10, 2017 is cancelled. 

County Board of Adjustment

The BOA meeting scheduled for July 13, 2017 is cancelled.