Current Zoning Applications

 For the Month of August, 2018

City of Billings Zoning Applications

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City Zoning Commission

City Special Review 967 – 4007 Avenue B – Palms West Pub and Casino
- A special review request to locate an existing beer & wine license with gaming to Lot 1A, Block 2 of Goodman Subdivision , 3rd Filing, a 23,671 square foot parcel of land located in a Community Commercial (CC) zone, at 4007 Avenue B. The applicant is also requesting a waiver of the 600-foot separation distance from a church located approximately 500 feet north of the subject property. The license will be located in 2,000 square feet of a proposed 3,500 square foot building. Tax ID: A28526
City Ward IV, Planner: Nicole Cromwell 247-8662

City Special Review 968 – 4910 Southgate DriveRequest to increase outdoor service area - A special review request to allow the expansion of an outdoor beverage service area for an existing all-beverage license with gaming on Lot 1A, Block 1 of Geyser Park Subdivision, a 3.215 acre parcel of land located in an Entryway General Commercial (EGC) zone at 4910 Southgate Drive. No separation distance waiver is required for this liquor license. The proposed enclosed outdoor area for service of alcohol and other activities is ~23,300 square feet in area. Tax ID: A28409
City Ward I, Planner: Karen Husman 247-8684

City Board of Adjustment

No Applications received – August 1, 2018 meeting is CANCELLED



Yellowstone County Zoning Applications

County Zoning Commission  

County Zone Change 689 – Mackenzie Meadows Subdivision – A-1 to R-150 – A zone change request from Agriculture Open-Space to Residential 15,000 (R-150) on the east 45 acres of C/S 3185, Parcel 2, an 87.36 acre parcel of land, generally located on the south side of Neibauer Rd between the BBWA Canal and S 54th St West. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on June 25, 2018, on Abby Road at the subject property. Tax ID: D00910A
Commissioner District 1, Planner: Karen Husman 247-8684

County Zone Change 690 – Grand and 50th St West – A-1 to NC & R-70 – A zone change request from Agriculture Open-Space (A-1) to Neighborhood Commercial (NC) for the northern 300 feet (~6.02 acres) and Residential 7,000 (R-70) for the southern 574 feet (~11.53 acres) of C/S 2990, Parcel 1B, a 17.77 acre parcel of land, generally located on the south side of Grand Avenue between 48th St W and 52nd St W. Tax ID: D12489
Commissioner District 3, Planner: Nicole Cromwell 247-8662

County Board of Adjustment

No applications - Meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 4:00 pm is CANCELLED.

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