Bicycles for Seniors

Before selecting a bicycle to ride, one must take into account the various elder friendly features and advancements that are incorporated into bicycle design. Here is a list of some of the more popular styles for seniors on a roll.
recumbent trike.jpg
Recumbent Trike
This trike offers a different riding posture than a traditional upright bicycle. Many riders enjoy the relaxed seated position.

upright tricycle.jpg
Upright trike
These typically offer one to three gears, a hand brake and coaster brake, a nice wide comfortable seat, plenty of cargo space in the baskets.

Electric Bikes
This type can provide assistance while pedaling 10-20 mph. Electric bikes have rechargeable batteries and come in a variety of styles.

easy boarding bike red.bmp
Easy Boarding Bike
These are becoming popular because they allow the rider to step over a very minimal clearance to board the bike.

recumbent trike 2 wheels in back.jpg
Recumbent Trike
This is an option for people who are concerned with stability and balance and offers a wide range of gears with traditional upright steering.

stepthrough pedal forward.jpg
Pedal Forward Design
The design of the frame has the pedals located in front of the seat tube. The frame design lets the rider put both feet onto the ground and stay seated when they come to a stop.

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